I am a proto-researcher and wannabe kept-woman

My PhD in Classics and Cornish Studies with the University of Exeter was completed in 2013. The thesis focused on the way that ancient Greek and Latin texts have been (re)written and manipulated in order to create a strong Cornish narrative. It especially identified the role of classical texts in offering legitimacy to myths of origin and identity and the contested nature of the interpretation of classical material. It opens up new questions in the use of classics in historiography and the way that local communities build up scholarly networks.

I am currently in the process of contemplating re-writing the thesis as a monograph and writing articles both on related topics and on broader aspects of Classical Reception.

I am particularly interested in contemporary receptions of Roman Britain; post-colonialism and diasporas; the way nineteenth-century scholars disputed interpretations and disseminated knowledge to local communities; Cornish literature especially in Cornish and other aspects of local history.
In my (almost non-existent) spare time I also enjoy hill-walking especially in Scotland. I am keen to get more Alpine experience and in 2007 I climbed Kilimanjaro with my family.

Before starting my studies at Exeter, I completed a BA and MA both in Classics from Reading University and continue to live and work in Reading with my partner.


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