A not untypical day..

[Dated Apr. 2011]

I’m suffering an extreme case of meh.

Pretty much don’t really want to do anything right now, getting dressed eating and going to my mindfulness session currently seem like a mountain not worth climbing – this is not the attitude that writes a PhD oh no. In fact this is not an attitude that achieves much beyond sleeping and staring.

I have got to drag my sorry arse out and about and kick the feeling of useless pointlessness in the teeth….right after I curl up here a bit longer.

Today’s goals:

  • To get to Mindfulness (despite having failed at my homework utterly for several weeks now).
  • To open my thesis and write at least 1 sentence
  • to go back to bed


Since I have been rubbish at concentrating on my thesis I have been procrastinating by checking guidelines on what makes a good thesis. I started by re-reading the PGR handbook and University TQA manual, apart from checking my margins and double-checking I have formatted all my footnotes correctly I learnt nothing. I have also searched the internet – It is all very well saying it must be of sufficient quality and original but what does that quality entail. How do I know if its good enough? Aargh

Realistically what I need to do is spew out more of the bulk before trying to re-write. Just need that kick up the arse and to stop feeling sorry for myself.


I have thought quite hard about something  positive to end the post with. So far I have come up with the fact that my shoulder hurts less than when I went to sleep and that I have Jasper Fforde waiting to be read on my Kindle.

Each victory is important.

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