Annual Review Anxiety

[Jun. 2011]

It has crept around to that part of the year where the university feels it necessary to ask me to account for my progress. I am required to assess my standard and my communication with my supervisors and the likelihood of me submitting on time. An unsatisfactory report could lead to them failing to renew my registration.

Cue frantic hive of activity on my part; especially with relation to my supervisors. In order to get something approximating a positive comment from them I must contact them with work. I need to prove some progress and something that looks more like a thesis than the last time that they saw it. I am petrified.

Although I know that I have done work since the last time that I sent anything to either of my supervisors and that I have even incorporated some of the comments one of them gave me into the text I feel it is insufficient. I have to confess I have no idea what sufficient progress would look like but that doesn’t stop me from being sure that what I have is not it.

Therefore what lies ahead of me for the next few days is a frantic effort to pour words onto pages – an attempt to prove to myself as much as anyone else that I have collated information and begun analysis. I must for now abandon my attempts at restructuring in the more vital cause of demonstrating knowledge.

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