Chronic Pain moments

Glad to be a Post-Grad [Sept. 2011]

Or perhaps more specifically happy that I’m not an undergraduate any more.

Three days of lectures has absolutely ruined by shoulders and back. I’m sure that the train journeys haven’t helped but what I’ve noticed is the fact that my body just can’t cope with sitting writing notes in a lecture theatre for long periods of time any more. By the time we had finished 2 twenty minute papers plus questions I was desperate to move around and squirmed all through the 3rd. By the end of each day I was stiff and aching from neck to hip, hot showers are good but there is a limit to how much co-codamol it is safe to take!

So anyway I’m glad that I make my own schedule for studying and that I go to conferences out of genuine interest and not day after day all term – just a week would be enough to reduce me to tears. Also the idea of sitting in an exam hall for three hours – well it wouldn’t matter if it was the easiest paper in the world if I had to be there the whole time I would fail simply because the pain would burn through me, distract me, and eventually make it impossible to keep writing. I have nothing but respect for people fighting those internal battles to get their degrees or keep their jobs. Good Luck all

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