Anyone done any work on Anais Mitchell’s Hadestown project?

It seems that there was some commentary in Syllecta Classica (which is on my To Be Read pile) but I know very little about Reception in music so I’m looking for some broad thoughts…

It is a ‘modern folk opera’ based on the Orpheus myth and I heard about it on the Radio; partly because, although it was started a while ago, she is planning a stage show which might eventually come to the UK.

I am hoping to actually sit down and listen soon but I would welcome thoughts from any classicists who’ve heard it or can offer some background on the various Orpheus poems/operas etc already out there.


One thought on “Hadestown

  1. Ziva

    Hi there! So some friends of mine were able to get the rights to use her music in an adaption in musical form of a play. After listening to the beautifully created music they came up with the rest to write the play based off of lots of research. What came to be was a short one act production done on a community stage. I was a part of the cast and if not for the love of Anais Mitchell’s music none of it would have taken place. I love the folk music based off of the Orpheus myth.There is so much passion in it. I am also basing off a drama presentation from my inspiration from her work. She is brilliant and I would say that the reception form other cast members are just as strong. Though I would share this.


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